Jessica Audiffred – ‘Ghost Valley’/’Night Drive’


After coming off a new collaboration with Exile Di Brave, Jessica Audiffred has just released 2 brand new tracks. The up and coming star from Mexico City has been picking up a lot steam this year with a handful of tour dates.

Audiffred’s new tracks, ‘Ghost Valley‘ and ‘Night Drive‘ are released on Circus Records and surprisingly feature two different sounds. Her first track, ‘Ghost Valley’, includes a much harder hitting dubstep bass drop that could break some necks. On the other hand, ‘Night Drive’ presents are more melodious classic video game vibe. You can check out both tracks below and decide which one you prefer more.

Jessica Audiffred is set to take over the always-entertaining Boombox Art Car stage at EDC Orlando this November. If you are in town, be sure to catch her performance and watch her bring these tracks to life.