John Christian – The Trip


john christian

John Christian – The Trip

The Dutch DJ and producer, John Christian, delivered massive sounds in his singles and previous collaborations. He’s been working on an upcoming single and today he presents ‘The Trip‘. This new hit features his signature big room vibes and unloads with extensive energy. With the support by Armind, John Christian brings out the festival spirit and allows listeners to unwind. Be ready to get up and dance with this new beat!

‘The Trip’ is a song that sets up the party mood once you press play. It begins with the high synths and beats playing together. Soon, it transitions with the basslines and a countdown starts to prepare listeners for the drop. After the release, the drop explodes with energetic beats and synths that are easy to dance to. The middle of the track slows down as it prepares you for the next drop. Overall, the quality and production of this track are stellar!

Check out and listen to ‘The Trip’ down below.