Late Founder Larry Harvey is Remembered by Burning Man Drone Swarm


Most Burners have finally recovered from the festivities of Burning Man which occurred almost two weeks ago. Of all the spectacular events that took place, one event that many attendees won’t forget is the drone swarm. This mesmerizing display was in honor of Burning Man’s co-founder Larry Harvey who passed away back in April.

Around 300 Intel® Shooting Star™ drones took to the sky above Black Rock City to display various design and shapes. For the 6 minute and 30 second performance the drones continued to changed color and glowed with various levels of intensity. As they floated and danced around, Dutch composer Joep Beving played a soft piano tune to make the event even more magical. No matter where you were on the playa, this was a spectacle that almost seemed otherworldly.

Back in April, the same team of drones were used to dance and write ODESZA’s logo at Coachella. Take a look at the video above if you want to relive this epic Burning Man moment.