Lil Pump Informs Fans He’s Going To Jail After Another Parole Violation


Lil Pump Set to Go to Jail for Parole Violation

We have some bad news for Lil Pump fans. The 18 year old artist will be going to jail for a couple of months after parole violation in Miami. Apparently he was pulled over by police and they discovered that the Rolls-Royce’s license plates were registered to a Mini Cooper.

Lil Pump spoke directly to his fans via Instagram Story saying:

‘Listen up y’all, I’m going to get straight to the point. You all saw what happened in Miami, I got arrested or whatever on some bulls***. I’m on probation in LA, I violated my [parole] so I’ve got to go in and do a couple months.’ Stay in school, don’t f*** up like me.’

During this brief period of time that he’s locked up his team will be handling his social media accounts and he fully intends to drop ‘crazy a** [music].’ Lil Pump was on parole — not probation — due to a gun-related incident in Los Angeles, California. Lil Pump was accused of firing a gun inside his home. He attempted to blame the shooting on intruders. However, police weren’t fooled and determined that the bullet was fired from inside his home.