Mariah Carey’s New Single ‘GTFO’ Samples Porter’s ‘Goodbye to a World’


The princess of pop, Mariah Carey, recently released a song as an “appetizer” for her upcoming new album….and to be petty. Titled ‘GTFO‘, the song clearly conveys a bitter goodbye to an ex, but what really captured our attention is the sampling of Porter Robinson‘s track ‘Goodbye to a World‘. While many may jump to conclusion that she stole the main melody, there’s talk that Porter actually co-produced the song. This would explain its use if deemed to be true.

‘Goodbye to a World’ was released four years ago on Porter’s Worlds album so this a testament to how his music still manages to remain relevant today. The iconic producer’s light hearted melody is heard from the start of the track and of course, Mariah Carey’s weakened and breathy voice seemingly fits with it. Overall the track is super chill and laidback, but is contrasted by Mariah’s sassy lyrics. This is definitely an interesting combination that oddly works. Mariah still plans to reveal her REAL lead single ‘With You’ on October 5th. Take a listen to the “collaboration” below.