Mat Zo Discusses Marijuana Dependence on Twitter


mat zoBritish producer Mat Zo recently took to Twitter to air out some thoughts about his use of marijuana. He expressed regret about how it has affected his social interactions and how it makes him feel immature.

While the dependence obviously doesn’t make him actually immature, he feels “if anything [he has] regressed”. Spending time surrounded by industry professionals who may not partake is having an effect on him.

Talking about touring with a dependency being tough he comments that it is a better alternative than a mood stabilizer. In an industry that has seen many recent suicides and accidental deaths from substance abuse, the sentiment is understandable.

The true problem with his dependence came out as a response to a fan responding that “it’s only bad if you’re an unproductive stoner”. Zo believes that there have been long-term consequences from his use, primarily being socially awkward.