Michael Brun and Kah-Lo’s Deliver Bass Heavy ‘Spice’


Kah-LoMichael Brun and Kah-Lo are bringing heat to your ears today. Their new track ‘Spice’ is a bass-heavy tune that you’ll have on repeat. Both Brun and Kah-Lo create tracks that reflect their hometown influences, so merging these two together is a recipe for success.

Brun is all about bringing attention to his home-country of Haiti. Previously, he launched ‘Wherever I Go‘ festival and donated all proceeds to the Artists Institute of Haiti. On the other hand, Kah-Lo moved from Nigeria to New York to jumpstart her musical career in the US. Her breakout moment came with her 2016 track ‘Rinse and Repeat,’ which was Grammy nominated for Best Dance Recording in 2017.

‘Spice’ will take you back to the summers of the 90s with its energy. Check it out down below!