MOGUAI & RAUMAKUSTIK – The Greatest Speech (feat. The Great Dictator)


MOGUAI & RAUMAKUSTIK – The Greatest Speech (feat. The Great Dictator)

Few films contain scenes that transcend the actual film. Scarface, Casablanca, Star Wars, these are just a few. The Great Dictator is another one of these films, and it is also where today’s track gets its main vocal sample from. The sample in question comes from the famous Charlie Chaplin speech at the end of the film. This is perhaps one of the best movie speeches ever made, so the title ‘The Greatest Speech‘ is fitting. It’s awesome to think it came from a satirical film.

Moguai & Raumakustik have teamed up to produce this track, and we couldn’t be more excited. The track starts off with an atmospheric pad being played along with some EQ’d Brass stabs. The line of “I’m Sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor…” begins to play, followed by the rest of the speech as the tension continues to build. At 0:47 the beat drops, and we are given a groove-driven drop. The brass stabs come back into play on the drop, except they are no longer EQ’d, and instead we get them at full force. They really help to drive the energy of the track.

After the drop, ‘The Greatest Speech” continues on, and we can’t help but get a positive vibe from the track. Charlie Chaplin reads out the final line of “And so long as men die, liberty will never perish”, and it is at this point the groove comes back in and we get the second drop. With a run time of only 3:13, this track could be longer, but it gets the job done. With its positive and optimistic vibe, it is definitely a track we will hear ourselves playing again and that we hope to encounter on the dancefloor.

MOGUAI & RAUMAKUSTIK – The Greatest Speech (feat. The Great Dictator) | STREAM