Owl City – New York City (Elation Expedition Remix)


elation expeditionOwl City – New York City (Elation Expedition Remix)

It is always nice to discover new music, and even nicer when you discover a new artist at the same time. That’s exactly what we have here, as we’ve stumbled up Elation Expedition, who hails from Sweden. After checking out his socials we read the following statement in his Soundcloud bio:


“Elation Expedition is the journey to the sacred land of elation – the land of happiness and joy. After all, isn’t that what all are looking for?”.

If we were to be asked that question today, our answer would have to be yes.

Today we bring you his newest release in the form of a remix. It seems that ‘Elation Expedition’ is making a statement with his remix of Owl City‘s ‘New York City‘.

The track starts off quick with some atmospheric pads and a playful melody. This is quickly followed up with the vocals and chords. The drums roll in early on in the track and then followed by the chorus. But when the drop comes around, that is when Expedition’s production skills truly shine, and we get to enjoy the track as a whole.

The most impressive part of the remix is that Elation Expedition was able to create a stellar remix while staying true to the overall vibe of the original. Take a listen to the remix below and be sure to follow Elation Expeditions’ socials through the links provided below.

Owl City – New York City (Elation Expedition Remix) | Download