“Podcast-ish Type Stream Thing” Coming From Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen Tonight


On June 29th, we saw the return of Pendulum when they released their album, ‘The Reworks‘. The album, which features remixes of the most iconic Pendulum tracks by the likes of NosiaSkrillexMoby, and Attlas, was the first fans have heard from them since 2011.

Other than a remix of the Pendulum classic, “Blood Sugar“, and a collaboration with Pegboard Nerds, Knife Party has also been pretty quiet. Back in July, Rob Swire took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything (AMA). Through revealing a number of past stories and insights to tour life, Swire dropped some updates on his collaborative project with Gareth McGrillen.

The main highlight of the AMA is of particular interest to those waiting for new music from the duo. Swire did reveal that a new EP is on the way, with the Aussie confirming that it shall drop in 2018. Well Rob, there are only 4 months left of 2018. Will the album actually come out in 2018? What will the album be called? Who will be featured on it?

Fear no more! Tonight, fans may get the answers they’ve been looking for. A new Twitter account, knifecast, has mysteriously popped up in the Twitter-verse, sending out their first tweet this morning:

It appears that this may be a common occurrence, and that Knife Party’s new podcast will go by the name of “Knifecast”. There is no indication of whether or not this podcast will feature live interaction with viewers via chat. However, hopefully all your Knife Party and Pendulum questions will be answered.