Porter Robinson’s Brother Designed Some Of The Virtual Self Merch


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Is there anything more special than when you include your family and friends in a project that is dear to your heart? It seems as though Porter Robinson gets it as he has included his brother in his latest undertaking

When the ambitious twenty-six-year-old first launched Virtual Self, no one could have possibly imagined that it would take off as much as it has. Porter’s army of followers was already in awe of his impeccable musical abilities, however, when they first heard his alias unleash another captivating sound, they couldn’t wait to hear more!

If you have continued to be one of these supportive fans throughout the years, then you know that the related merchandise is nothing short of spectacular. What some of you may not know is that Porter’s younger brother, Mark Robinson, has confirmed (with a simple “yes”) that he helped design some of these incredible products.

Mark Robinson (Porters little brother) confirmed to have designed some of the VS merch. from porterrobinson

If you haven’t seen some of the stunning pieces, check them out here – however, we think it’s important to warn our readers that if you click the link, you may be more than tempted to purchase one, or many, for yourself. Happy shopping!