Sander Van Doorn & D.O.D – Let It Go


Sander Van Doorn & D.O.D – Let It Go

Sander van Doorn & D.O.D have teamed up to bring us their new track ‘Let It Go’, and we couldn’t be happier. Sander van Doorn is known for his Progressive house and Electro sound, while the U.K.‘s D.O.D. is known for his own unique blend of genres, which has been coined ‘future-jack‘. ‘Let it go‘ has been smashing dancefloors around the world, so it’s nice to see the track finally get released.

The track starts right off the bat with some reverberated vocals which are quickly followed up with by a drum fill. After this, we get the main gist of the track, as all the elements are played to include the drums. At about 0:22 we start to hear a slight white noise riser come in. This is quickly released only to lead us to a snare buildup. This continues on for a bit, and at 2:11 we get the full drop. The drop is exactly the same as the song started, except now it includes some dope synth stabs. This really helps to drive up the energy of the track.

With a runtime of only 2:50, this one goes by quick, so you might want to listen to it a second time to take it all in. This is one of those tracks you could expect to hear peak-time in either of the artist sets, as its full of energy and is easy to catch a vibe to. ‘Let It Go’ is out now on Spinnin’ Records, and is available everywhere. The track can be streamed below.

Sander Van Doorn & D.O.D – Let It Go | DOWNLOAD