Audio Engineer Foreshadows Skrillex’s Return


Skrillex will be making his return to the music scene sooner than anyone would have thought.

Yesterday we were treated to a heartwarming and insightful message on Skrillex’s Instagram about his journey through music. It was all in celebration of the seventh birthday of his label, OWSLA.

I’ve done a lot reflecting during this break I’ve taken from the music industry,” Skrillex said in the post, “and I’ve continued to realize that it’s really all about the journey.”

It seems that the journey is continuing next month. OWSLA Audio engineer, Randy Urbanski (@urboengineering) also posted in honor of the anniversary. In his Instagram story, he starts off with a simple “Happy bday @owlsa”. It then leads into a thoughtful mix of being thankful for friends as well as pictures from the past.

But it’s the last picture that really caught Reddit and the rest of the internet’s attention. On a photo dated Jun 12, 2015 it reads:

“Time flys when your having fun. And this year was slow. Can’t wait till this guy is back changing the game next month.”

While we don’t know exactly how he’ll be changing the game, whether it’s simply playing shows or maybe even releasing new songs, it’s safe to say this news is the best OWSLA birthday present that anyone could have ever asked for.