Sunny Lax & Aneym- Counter Clockwise EP


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Sunny Lax & Aneym- Counter Clockwise EP

Wow do we have an incredible bundle of music from Anjunabeats today. Anjuna mainstay Sunny Lax sees the release of his highly anticipated single ‘Counter Clockwise’ featuring vocalist Aneym. Along with the pulsating original, we have two powerful remixes courtesy of Max Freegrant & Slow Fish and Joel Freck. All three versions bring their own flavor, each packed with sounds for all different types of trance fans.

Kicking off with the original, Sunny Lax shows off his uplifting style while further proving he’s got serious chemistry with Aneym. They first collaborated on ‘Everything’s A Lie’, a track that went down quite well upon its release. Around this time last year, the Hungarian producer and Genix played at ABGT 250 and it was there that we first heard ‘Counter Clockwise’. The track has a heavy hitting opening drop, with a melodic breakdown. Aneym’s vocals are as captivating as they are addictive. The final drop explodes with uplifting chords and a pounding bassline. This original was also featured on the recent Anjunabeats Worldwide 08 compilation.

Moving on to the first remix, progressive legend Max Freegrant teamed up with Slow Fish for a downtempo, progressive twist. You’ll easily get lost in the steady beat and rhythmic bass. At the three minute mark the track breaks down, with Aneym’s vocals entering in. Although the track has techy/progressive sounds, Freegrant and Slow Fish still use trance synths to keep that uplifting feel of the original. This version differs the most out of the three.

The last remix comes from Anjunabeats’ Beat In School contest winner Joel Freck. This dude, although still relatively unknown, has a seriously bright future ahead of him. He brought pulsating electro energy to his ‘Counter Clockwise’ remix. He kicks the track off with an energetic opening drop, fueled by a heavy rolling bass. The breakdown is calming and euphoric, a total contrast from the opening drop. The song builds up into another energy-filled final drop, perfect for the main room dance floor. If you want to hear more from Freck, check out his Anjunabeats Worldwide mix.

All in all, this package of beautiful music should be the perfect way to kick off your weekend. Check out the original of ‘Counter Clockwise’ along with the two remixes below.