Trivecta – Axis


Trivecta Axis

Trivecta – Axis

If melodic bass is your thing then Trivecta is your guy. Ever since his first release four years ago he’s been making waves in the bass scene with his uplifting melodies and powerful productions. The last we heard from him he teamed up with bass producer Wooli to release their collab ‘Falling‘ on Monstercat. And now he’s back to drop his latest track, ‘Axis‘, on the aforementioned label.

As to be expected, the track opens up with his signature trancey melodies. But more than just a hyper-melodic piece, he changes it up on the breakdown and treats listeners to a heavier dubstep drop. That juxtaposition results in a track that is not only perfectly suited for a casual listen but also for a play on a big festival stage. Give the track a listen and be sure to grab your own copy in the link below.

Trivecta – Axis | Download