Ultra Music Festival Opens Registration for 2019 Event


Let the Ultra Music Festival hype begin. Each year, there’s a mad dash to get those elusive early bird tickets for what some people call the premier electronic music festival in the United States. Every year it seems as though the demand for UMF Miami tickets increases.

If you look at the difference in price between the early bird tickets and regular GA tickets, it’s literally hundreds of dollars. And UMF isn’t cheap to begin with. Hence why getting those early bird tickets is a priority for attendees.

With major Ultra events like Ultra Japan, Ultra Peru, and Ultra Mexico right around the corner, the UMF team picked a peak time to release the early bird registration. Festival season is winding down, so what better way to get the 2019 season started then with UMF tickets.

Registration for early bird tickets can be found here. Instructions for purchasing these tickets will be emailed to you 24 hours prior to tickets opening up. Ultra Miami is set to take place March 29th-31st at Bayfront Park. Make sure to stay glued to your email and to EDM Tunes for news and updates.