Avicii’s Parents In Talks with Labels for Posthumous Album


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Avicii Posthumous Album

While the music community still mourns the loss of Avicii, there might be some more light he has to share with the world. While speculation has run rampant, ‘Wake Me Up‘ teammate Aloe Blacc shared a different perspective.

In speaking with the Daily Star newspaper, Blacc told reporters: “There are several songs left. I believe the record label is working with his parents and the estate to find a way to bring these unreleased songs to the public. But for me there’s no rush – I would leave that with his parents.”

However, speculation continues on exactly which record label this could be. Important to note is that his last hit album Stories came from PRMD Music, and True was released by PRMD Music with Island Records. However is run by Ash Pournari, the target of much criticism in the wake of Avicii’s passing.

Music icon Nile Rodgers has also stated that prior to Tim’s untimely passing, “at least” 10 songs were recorded. It is now also believed that Avicii, Aloe and Nile collaborated on one of the tracks.

While it is important to be cautious and not take advantage of the situation, undoubtedly fans and friends alike would love a final swansong to continue their connection to Tim. He had nothing but joy to share, and many hope that his memory will never fade.

Give a listen to Stories below on Spotify.