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Many iPhone Xs & Xs Max Phones Have a Major Charging Issue

If you are one of the recent Apple buyers who shelled out anywhere from $700 to $1,500 on a brand new iPhone, you may be experiencing a major issue on your device. The new shiny Xs and Xs Max devices both have revolutionary displays, Face ID, a powerhouse A12 Bionic Chip, and a stunning camera. But what happens when you can’t recharge your phone’s battery to take advantage of these features?

Since the official iPhone launch just a couple weeks ago, many new iPhone users are experiencing an issue when plugging in their device to charge. If you only charge your device with a wireless pad, then you’re safe. Users state that when they plug in the cord to the phone, the iPhone will not recognize it’s charging and stay in sleep mode. Sometimes the user will even have to tap on the screen to wake it up for it to start charging. Worse case scenario, the iPhone will simply not charge via Lighting Cable.

In a video by UnBox Therapy, Lew demonstrates a test that includes several brand new iPhone XS & Max devices. Shockingly, nearly all the devices encountered the issue where the phone would not begin charging when plugged in via Lightning Cable. One of the phones wouldn’t even charge after tapping on the screen or unlocking the phone. He also tested an iPhone X from last years release but it charged successfully.

Hardware or Software Fix?

Is this simply a software issue or worse, a hardware mistake? It’s most likely a software issue that can be updated in the next software update (IOS 12.1) which we can expect in the next month or so. If it is a hardware issue, how will Apple replace everyone’s device and will the upcoming iPhone XR face the same problem? Surprisingly, Apple hasn’t officially addressed the problem which is frustrating for a major problem like this. In the meantime, those having this problem can switch to wireless charging or try exchanging your phone for a new one.

Check out Unbox Therapy’s Video Below to see the issue demonstrated.

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