Rezz Announces New 13-Track Mixtape for Halloween



Rezz is Giving us a 13-Track Mixtape for Halloween

Rezz just announced that she is releasing a 13 track mixtape for Halloween. Delightfully named ‘A Nightmare on Rezz Street’,┬áthe mixtape contains unreleased and original music only. It is available on Monday, October 22. This gives us plenty of time to get into a spooky mood for Halloween.

Earlier this week, she teased a link to the mix. appeared on her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The site shows a cartoony animation of Rezz. There is also a ticking clock with an invitation to sign up for details.

Unable to wait until the time ran out, Rezz told us what we’d be getting early. The animation on the site is actually the album art. She also said that these tracks are exclusive to this mix and won’t be released outside of it.

We did know that we’d be getting something special from her for Halloween. But 13 new songs feels like we’re just getting straight up spoiled. Her newest album ‘Certain Kind of Magic’ has only been out for two months, and now we get this? All we can say is thank you, Rezz!

There is still time to sign up on And be sure to check out ‘A Nightmare on Rezz Street’ when it drops on Monday.

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