Rezz Releases 13-Track Mix ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’


nightmare on rezz street

A Nightmare on Rezz Street

It is officially time to get spooky. Rezz’s Halloween gift to us all has dropped. ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street‘ is a 13-track mixtape that she teased earlier this month, and announced last week.

Not only did we get 32 minutes of unreleased Rezz, we also got visuals made for each song. She and her team really went all out on this mix. It’s a mini-concert that we get to enjoy over and over again. Rezz had this to say about the mix:

“Just want to make clear that this mix is a combo of stuff I made years ago + also newer stuff. it’s Music That was sitting around on my computer & I wanted fans to hear either way because I always wonder what my favourite artists never released.”

The songs themselves have her iconic eerie vibe. The throbbing, hypnotic bass mixed with the more upbeat sounds are evident in each song. It’s the Rezz we’ve all fallen in love with over the years.

Throughout, she’s thrown in voice clips from various horror movies that are universally recognizable and quotable. “I see dead people…”, “Seven days…”, etc. There are a few of them, but not enough that they become overdone.

The entirety of ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’ is so carefully crafted. It’s very clear that a lot of time and effort went into this. Rezz tweeted about how much time they spent on the project. She stated that she and her team “lost countless nights of sleep” and it shows.

This is more than we could have ever hoped for. Thank you to both Rezz and her team. You guys really know how to spoil us.

Check out the full mix below.