Slumberjack & Machine Age – Daggers


slumberjack daggers

Slumberjack & Machine Age – Daggers

Slumberjack fans rejoice because the duo is back to making music after taking a break from a hectic tour schedule. In addition to getting some rest, this may have given them time to explore new music styles and get creative. Their new song with Machine Age called ‘Daggers’ makes a sharp statement that they are back and better than ever.

The song starts off with some minor percussion, guitar notes, and alternative rock vocals. Although different from Slumberjack’s usual style, it is an intriguing and excellent showcase of their talent to experiment with different instrumentation. To top it off, The electric guitar riffs during the drop are electrifying and amp up the tempo.

‘Daggers’ is a fresh piece that is done exceptionally well. The precise instrumentation, songwriting, and sultry vocals is music to all ears. As the first song on Slumberjack’s new SARAWAK EP, we can expect much more coming from the Australian duo.