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Steve Aoki Is Now Featured in the Smithsonian Museum


Steve Aoki has been Immortalized in the Smithsonian

Steve Aoki never ceases to amaze us. From his music, to his pizza, to the socks he sold in a cake box, it seems like he’s done it all. As of this month, he can add being featured in the Smithsonian Museum to his list of accomplishments.

Aoki is the first modern DJ to be featured in the museum since legends DJ Bob Casey and Grandmaster Flash were featured. In a blog post made by the Smithsonian, they described the goal of the exhibit.

“This acquisition is part of an important narrative the museum is assembling through research and collections illustrating the evolution of turntable and DJ technology. … The donation of Steve Aoki’s gear enables us to expand our narrative history of turntabling and DJ work into the current era.”

Aoki donated his very own CDJ-2000s, 2008 DJM-800 mixer, and RANE SL3. His little corner of the exhibit has his equipment set up against a backdrop of one of his iconic jumps. The display is featured in the Ray Dolby Gateway to American Culture wing of the Smithsonian and is open to the public now.

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