Thomas Newson – The Worker


thomas newson the worker

Thomas Newson – The Worker

If there is one producer that never fails to impress with some hard-hitting big room drops, it is Thomas Newson. Over the years, he has unleashed mass carnage at festivals all over the world with tracks such as ‘Flute‘ and ‘Ravefield’. This time he worked his magic with his newest single, ‘The Worker’. But surprisingly, the track is not a big room banger. It is a groovy tech house heater that is perfect for bumping at the office or the afters.

Serving as a debut release on Armada Deep, the song features some snazzy drums and a bouncy baseline that would make anyone dance up a storm. The breaks have a provocative vocal loop that is fun and hypnotic. Overall, the song is minimalistic but perfect in what it accomplishes. It keeps listeners intrigued by its energy from start to finish.

While ‘The Worker’ isn’t Newman’s usual cup of tea, it shows his versatility in producing varying genres. The best part is that he is still young and will continue to get better. Check out the song below.