Venza – Secret Gems Album


If you haven’t heard of Venza, then you’re in for a real treat. Not much is known about this secretive and underground artist. One thing that is known though, is that he can drop one sick beat. His new album Secret Gems, which was released on Friday, proves just that.

Venza’s sound in this album is, in one word, dream-like. Think Nora En Pure mixed with Jerry Folk. His music is breath-taking yet at the same time relaxing. He is able to seamlessly blend together influences from future bass, trap, deep house into one soul-soothing piece of art. Added together with some trance and techno elements that he sprinkles in, and the whopping 18-song album is magic.

Some of my personal favorite tracks in the album? ‘Connected’. This track is a perfect blend of mainstream and indie. Its catchy chorus featuring Luke Black’s crooning, soothing voice is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. Similarly, ‘Bound’, is to put simply, euphoric. It has a beautiful free-flowing melody and features stunning feminine vocals by Aallis.

If you enjoy listening to chill beats and discovering underground, emerging artists, then Venza is a must-listen. Check out the album below:

Venza – Secret Gems Album