Darude feat. JVMIE- Timeless



Darude feat. JVMIE- Timeless

The ‘Sandstorm’ maestro kicks off the weekend with a high energy trance track titled ‘Timeless’. Darude has made a serious comeback this year with massive releases on Gareth Emery’s Garuda label. This new track features JVMIE on vocals, an excellent complement to this powerful production. In today’s industry, trance music has slowed down in terms of BPM, so to have a legend return to the airwaves with something a little more old school is a welcomed sight.

‘Timeless’ roars with energy from start to finish. The track incorporates a fast BPM with high powered synths. With Gareth Emery recreating this mold in his “Laser Face” shows, it’s only a matter of time before this new Darude track finds its way into his sets. The breakdown has calming melody with JVMIE’s vocals carrying you to the final drop. The drop, just like the intro bass line, hits home with an energetic and fast drop. This track will definitely one to remember when you hear it live.

With ‘Sandstorm’ firmly in the past, check out Darude’s new creation below.