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Dillon Francis Releases New Comedy Show ‘Like and Subscribe’

Dillon Francis’ internet comedy show “Like and Subscribe” is finally out for the world to watch. It was originally supposed to air back in July, but the show’s network shut down. However, last week, it was announced that the show was newly picked up by Funny Or Die.

“Like and Subscribe” stars Francis, who is also the executive producer. His character is Skyy Goldwynne, Hollywood’s most notorious manager. He locks four of his most controversial clients in a house together. It’s full of references to real life social media stars and the drama that exists on the internet.

Is the show funny? That’s up for interpretation. It certainly tries to be. Francis’ over-the-top persona definitely translates well on the screen, and his acting is good. But it feels like over-the-top is really all the show has going for it.

All seven episodes are available to stream for free on Funny Or Die’s website and YouTube. Definitely check it out and see for yourself.

Matty Cline
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