Gareth Emery Statement Addresses the Haters: “I Make My Own F***ing Music”


gareth emery statementNever one to shy away from honesty, Gareth Emery addressed his fans and haters regarding his music production. With our current music culture landscape, nobody wants to believe when true talent exists. In addition, from many reports, there are a lot of people who are wonderful marketers of themselves, but terrible producers of music. Gareth Emery wants to clear the air around him once and for all.

With a string of massive hits like ‘Concrete Angel,’ ‘U,’ ‘Reckless,’ and ‘Call To Arms,’ it can be easy to be skeptical. His Laserface show is taking off, and he recently announced a tour of OpenXClose sets. People may ask: “How can one person put out so many massive hits?” Gareth’s answer it quite simple – with a lot of hard f***ing work.

In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to judge and crap on those who create. We take a stance of “guilty until proven innocent”, and place artists under high scrutiny for every move they make. While Emery states that he has used people to help polish up tracks (everyone has), he insists that his music production is all him. He doesn’t agree with DJs who “buy ready made tracks off the shelf,” but understands this goes down.

It sounds like he is tired of getting accused of something he isn’t, which is fair. We have to remember that any form of artistry is about passion and sharing creations with others. We should keep trying to find and spread the joy, not bring people down due to an “elitist” attitude.

Gareth has always been honest with his fans, and this candid Instagram post is no different:


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THE GHOST PRODUCTION LOWDOWN (LONG). . I frequently get asked if I produce my own music. . This is a way more complex topic than people generally realize but here’s the lowdown. . Firstly, I don’t have anything against using engineers to polish up a track (even though I rarely do it myself). . I mean, if an artist has written the melodies, the song, it’s no big deal having someone else work on the production. Did The Beatles produce their own music? Of course not. . Now that’s very different to artists who can’t play a single note of music and simply buy ready-made tracks off the shelf…. which is basically taking someone else’s art and passing it off as your own. . Me? On most of my good tracks I did *all* the production. . Not because I’m against getting help, but because nobody else could do it how I wanted. I did all of: . Concrete Angel. Sanctuary. Reckless. Mistral. Sansa. U. Tokyo. Long Way Home. Exposure. Metropolis. .
But I’ve done some tracks, mostly remixes, where I was running out of time and someone else to do the heavy lifting to finish my demos. Alex Sonata worked on my remix of Lost Frequencies. Craig Connelly on my remix of Ferry Corsten. . In those cases I wrote the music. They’re still Emery tracks. They’re just tracks I wouldn’t have got finished otherwise. . On the flip side, there are about 10 tracks in the Armada / Garuda catalog that I ghost produced for others back in the day. . In all honesty I’d fucking love to find a permanent engineer to finish up my tracks. . It would allow me to focus entirely on writing music and songs, rather than spending 4 hours tuning a hi-hat that nobody notices anyway, and I’d likely release more music as a result. . But nobody else really nails it so for now, it’s me. . Side-note: my fav person to collab with is @ashwallbridge . We think about music in absolutely the same way, and can both do every bit of the process. On balance, he’s the better engineer, and I’m probably a bit better at melodies, but together we’re a lethal fucking team. Except to see a shit load more records from us soon. ?? . Gaz x. . . . #garethemery #trancefamily #trancemusic #garuda #armada #production #dancemusic

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