Hydrah – Nostos EP


Hydrah – Nostos EP

It’s not very often that new music comes along that renders us completely speechless. But that is exactly what happened with Hydrah’s new EP Nostos. A modern-day Greek epic, Nostos is all about coming home, a journey that changes you. In creating this EP, Hydrah had her own homecoming – a return to her hometown of Minneapolis, MN.

Like her previous works, these songs artfully blend organic sounds with classical music and electronic beats. They keep with the theme of homecoming by drawing from the area around her.

In ‘Return’ there are the sounds of birds chirping. These are samples from Minneapolis’s Boom Island Park. The birdsong gets your interest piqued, then the melancholic strings draw you in completely. By the time the beat starts, there’s no escape. You are completely immersed in this song; your own life-changing journey.

This continues on with ‘Complete’¬†which was composed on the shores of Lake Superior. This song, unlike the first, begins with artificial electronic noises which flows into a piano. It is livelier than the first, but with similar melancholy undertones. As if, our homecoming has had an unexpected turn. The drum feels steady like our heartbeat.

As it fades into ‘Share Your Love’,¬†it doesn’t yet feel like our journey is over. This last track feels restless like we’re searching for something. The latter half of this song has a pretty drastic tonal shift than the rest of the EP. It’s almost like the beginning of a brand new journey with how different it feels. The ending doesn’t quite feel resolved and it’s unclear just where we’re left in this journey.

One thing is for certain, is that these three songs aren’t enough. We’re absolutely left wanting more.

Hydrah – Nostos EP