[LISTEN] Simon Patterson and John Askew Epic 10-Hour B2B at Groove in Buenos Aires



Back on September 15, B2B buddies Simon Patterson and John Askew hit another level. They played a legendary 10-hour back-to-back set at Groove in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The boys were finally kind enough to share this musical gift with the world. Well, at least the first half of it – only FIVE HOURS.

Calling it the “best B2B they’ve ever played together” is quite a lofty statement. However, as you dive deeper into each hour, you see that these two weren’t messing around.

Where do you even begin a 10-hour set? With some groovy and uplifting vibes, that’s where. It was shared that Patterson opened up the first hour. Next hour belonged to Askew. Then they began trading shorter and shorter blocks. Towards the end, it was a straight up back-to-back, track-for-track, no holds barred in Argentina. The fan response was crazy, and the two men left standing were in awe of their feat.

Askew and Patterson have been extremely busy of late. Their VII crew (which includes Astrix, Sean Tyas, Freedom Fighters, Will Atkinson and Blazer) continues to put out cutting edge trance and is gaining quite the following. They recently announced their first UK date for the VII crew in February 2019.

Do yourself a favor, and block off a five-hour chunk of time for Part 1 of this amazing set. You’ll thank us later.