Monday, October 18, 2021

Low – i_o

Low – i_o

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer i_o is quickly becoming one of the biggest stars in the progressive and techno scene. Signed to Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap, i_o has been developing an impeccable collection of records. Easily recognizable in the raw driving techy aspect shared by his previous compositions, i_o’s musical talent is breaking ground on a new track: ‘Low’.
The first of two tracks on the new Low EP, the titular tune is definitely focused on one end of the sound spectrum. A combination of pounding techno drums and an almost guttural-sounding bassline creates a thick low end that envelops the listener. i_o also brings in an enthralling vocal stem with the words “I don’t wanna get high, I just wanna get low”. To say that the high end of this track is nearly nonexistent would hardly be a stretch.
You can check out this exclusive premiere from mau5trap records in the video below. We can see that the second track is called ‘Move,’ so expect more driving techno to come from i_o soon.
Until then, enjoy this track from quite the talented artist and member of the Mau5trap team. And if you’re listening to this track on any speaker system without a subwoofer, you might want to try again. While it’s true that any music is lacking without the low end, you’ll really need proper speakers to get down to ‘Low.’
Low – i_o 

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