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Marcioz – INTERSTELLAR! (ft. Slow Shudder)

The eclectic 20 year old, Brazilian producer Marcioz returns once more to show his production prowess with his new record “INTERSTELLAR!”, which is out now on Ultra Music & Next Wave Records. This follows a slew of releases from the producer, including his How To Make Love $tay EP and the single “Nameless Waltz (She Finally Falls),” both of which show the distinct signature sound that the producer is working toward. His cosign from Ultra Music is just the beginning of his upward rise in the indie dance music scene. 

The track starts off with a soft and slightly spooky ambience filled intro layered beautifully with Slow Shudder’s vocals. The track slowly breaks into the drop that is sure to catch you off guard. The drop is an incredibly unique mixture of glitchy hip hop & future bass. Filled with this odd metallic clanging sound & a sublime saxophone part. This track is truly an expression of wild emotions and feelings through music. Classifing a genre for this is hard but ill say it something of the indie side of the dance music spectrum, with electronic elements acting more as an enhancer of sensations above all else.


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