OMAIR Talks Trance and New Label at EDC Orlando


A new name that’s been buzzing in trance is OMAIR. Thanks to his production prowess, the Dallas-based Pakistani DJ has lately earned performances at some of the biggest festivals this year. After playing at EDC Vegas and on Escape‘s mainstage, he recently closed off his festival season with a performance at EDC Orlando. We got to speak to him after his set at EDC Orlando and learned about the massive amount of music he is set to release. Not too mention, he’s gearing up to launch his second label.

1Being a Pakistani producer, how do you think that influences your music?

Well, I haven’t really used much cultural influence until my most recent track ‘Sunrise over Karachi‘ – it actually came out today (11/09). It was kinda influenced by the Desi/Pakistani sound. It’s got a vocal loop that I use in there. I’ve always wanted to do something to define the culture part of where I come from, I just never had a chance. It’s the right opportunity now with the EP, being that it’s a defining thing. Having my own label gave me the leeway to do so since I decide what goes out.

2You have an EP that came out today. Tell us about the direction and thought process that went into it?

I had so much music already produced and finished. I just hadn’t put much out because I had been so busy with the label and some other stuff. I hadn’t released an EP in almost 4 years. I had a lot of music ready to go so I decided it’s probably time I put an EP out. Also, there hasn’t been an EP release on my label – it’s almost 2 years old now. I’d figure I’d be the first one to release an EP on there. I found tracks that were cohesive and flowed well together and put that towards the EP.

3What do you have planned for OHM Records and what artists to do you typically look for?

With OHM Records, it’s basically pure trance music. I want to highlight trance in all its forms and glory. We’ve got some dark melodic trance on there; we’ve got some really progressive, uplifting tracks on there. Basically all genres of trance is what I look for. I get demos of all different genres and even though they sound amazing…I can’t release it because I decided to specifically focus on trance.

4What are your plans for this 2nd label we’ve been hearing about?

I was getting so many demos. Now that progressive, techhouse and techno is really booming, I felt bad saying no to so much good music. That went into my thought process of launching a second label. Also I, myself, was producing a lot of the darker stuff so it kinda made sense to have a new outlet to get that stuff out there.

5Trance has been fairly quiet lately. How would you “rejuvenate” Trance?

I think it’s on its way to be bigger and bigger. It has been for the past couple years such as Insomniac doing festivals like Dreamstate and having Dreamstate stages at many festivals such as the Quantum Valley stage at EDC Las Vegas. I think it’s going to continue to get bigger. I think the focus right now is on the progressive sound, that deeper techno sound – that’s booming right now. I think trance has made a really huge resurgence over the past couple of years. It was dying out. Even a lot of big trance producers were kinda shifting their style a bit. Then, in just the past 2 to 3 and a half years it started REALLY coming back strong. It’s a good thing because it brings a whole news audience to the music so it’s been going great!

6If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry who would you choose?

In dance music, I would pick Deadmau5 – that guy’s a genius. Eric Prydz, Armin – he’s a legend in the trance scene and that is what I do. It would be amazing if one day I could collaborate with him. Of course, Above & Beyond.

Non-trance I would pick Coldplay.

7You’ve had a couple of great performances this year including Escape, EDC Vegas and now EDC Orlando. What other future performances can we expect from you?

As far as this year goes, this is probably my last big festival of the year. Just going to spend the last month and half now focusing on my own productions, on my new label, and OHM Music. I’ve got a lot of new music coming out. EP was released today, it’s four new tracks. On the new deep label I’ve got two tracks produced and lined up for that. I’ve got a couple collaborations in the works, a couple remixes. Hopefully in 2019, we’ll put together a new tour, line up some festivals.

OK, here’s a couple of rapid fire questions:

8What is your favorite Pakistani Food?

Brain Masala/Goat Brain. My death row meal.

9One place you want to go to that you have not been?

Tough question, would love to go to Tokyo. I love Japanese food – sushi in particular. Always wanted to go to Sweden; culture is really cool there. Those are two of my top places I’d want to go.

10Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate, anything chocolate is good.

11Final Question: What should we look out for?

A lot of new music! Hoping 2019 will be the year I put out my debut album.