Rapture Music Festival Agrees to Move, Excited About New Options


For good or for bad, the big guys tend to win out over the small. In the uproar over Ultra Music Festival’s future and its potential move to Virginia Key, there was one small wrinkle in the new plan. A small niche festival called Rapture Music Festival was already scheduled to take place in the same location during the same dates. Needless to say, when Ultra’s plan was revealed the founder of Rapture was quick to stick up for the festival and assure attendees Rapture wasn’t going anywhere.

However, Miami understands the huge money draw of Ultra and the much smaller set of options for Ultra as opposed to Rapture. Rapture opposed Ultra’s move onto its space right through the City Council meeting where the fate was decided. During the day-long City Council meeting, Ultra was told that it had to work with Rapture to find a new location as part of its new deal being confirmed with Miami.

Now it appears that Rapture is acquiescing to a move, and has updated its socials to reflect that. Now the event page says “stay tuned for our new location”. Of course this might seem like the big eating the small, but as a much smaller and more intimate festival there are many more cool options for Rapture to explore. With Ultra and the City of Miami essentially promising to find them a new home, fans can rest assured Rapture will turn out just fine.