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The Chainsmokers – Beach House

The Chainsmokers – Beach House

We’ve been hearing a lot of great things from The Chainsmokers lately. The duo, comprised of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, has been releasing music like crazy this year. They even announced that their hit song ‘Paris’ is being turned into a movie. Their newest song is ‘Beach House’.

It feels unseasonably warm and summery, like something to take the bite out of the bitter cold that we’re all experiencing. It sounds like a classic Chainsmokers song, which is what they teased on Twitter before the release. They credit the return to this sound because they “were listening to a lot of beach house.” The song is reminiscent of ‘Paris’ and ‘Young’ – light, upbeat and full of hope.

There’s nothing like the heavy sounds of ‘Sick Boy’ or ‘Save Yourself’ that we’ve been getting. Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on the listener. Some people really disliked the “old” Chainsmokers sound; some didn’t like the newer, darker songs.

Like them or hate them, ‘Beach House’ is a solid track that invites people to come back and listen again. It doesn’t have the deepest lyrics, but that’s just back to the old Chainsmokers singing about a hot girl in their bed.

Take a listen to the song below. And let us know if you prefer the “Edgier” Chainsmokers of recent or the “classic” Chainsmokers of old!

The Chainsmokers – Beach House

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