VINAI Under Fire for Racist Remarks & Shares Apology Video


VINAI, the 2  producers and brothers, known for their chart-topping hit ‘Raveology‘ in collaboration with DVBBS, their record label christened ZEROTHIRTY, their countless performances around the globe, and now their racist comments….wait, what?!

The Italian musicians have always addressed the love and respect that they have for all of their followers, no matter where they are from. Unfortunately, during recent travels to Taipei, Taiwan, Shanghai, and China, the DJ duo should have followed their newest track title and got ‘Out Of This Town‘ before making this huge mistake.

While exploring the stunning destinations, Andrea and Allessandro thought it would be funny to shout “ni hao” and “Konnichiwa” to locals. Although yelling “hello” is not hurtful to anyone, they should have refrained from harassing the individuals. In addition, they were also caught screaming incoherent mockeries towards a gentleman on a loudspeaker during an election campaign, and to several other people simply trying to enjoy their day.

To make matters worse, the group filmed their childish behaviors for all to see, and featured these troubling clips via their Instagram page, resulting in an understandable backlash from their dedicated fans.

Check Out The Troubling Clips Below:

Since the release of these clips, the brothers have taken to their official Instagram account to clear the air, stating,

We are sorry we made a huge mistake and offend some of our fans which was NEVER our intention. Every friend of ours knows how much we love china and our fans. We sincerely apologize if we didn’t come across that way…people said that we are racist but we are not, we are against this…we are all the same

Check It Out Below:

Do you think that the duo should be quickly forgiven, or that this was all just a big misunderstanding? Let us know in the comment section, or via our official social media channels.