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Whethan Releases Long Awaited Life of a Wallflower EP

19 year old producer Whethan has been taking the dance scene by storm over the past few years. Like many young aspiring producers, his success took off after releasing a viral remix for MISSINGO’s ‘XE3’ on SoundCloud at just the age of 15. Fast forward a few years and he has just finished his third headlining tour titled ‘Life of a Wallflower’. And today, to celebrate the successful tour, comes Whethan’s first ever EP, Life of a wallflower Vol 1.

Released on Big Beat Records, the EP is Whethan’s most creative and impactful project yet which can be treated as a reflection of his life. In previous interviews, he has described himself as a wallflower that doesn’t conform to society and does what he likes to do without caring what others think. This mantra has manifested in the way he produces his music where every song is meant to spread loveĀ in its own unique way.
The eight song EP kicks off with ‘Radar’ which is meant to be listened to first. This feel good song will draw you in with its joyful vibe and groovy beats. From here on out, dive into Whethan’s world as he takes you on a different adventure from song to song. Every song of this album will entrance you with infectious dance popĀ tunes and soulful lyrics while still fully showcase his constantly evolving style and finesse. Don’t wait another second and enjoy the album from start to finish below!

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