ZABO – Ghost Lab EP


Ghost Lab EP

ZABO – Ghost Lab EP

Over the course of his past few releases, ZABO has hopped around from imprint to imprint. In the last two months, we’ve seen him on Synesthesia with an eerie track “Schizophrenia” as well as Uprise with the chant-inducing “Breathe”. Now, the Toronto producer has joined forces with another label in Ghetto Ghetto for the Ghost Lab EP.

We’re used to hearing mid-tempo offerings from ZABO, but the EP kicks off with a fast-paced bass house tune in “Baller”. The collaboration with fellow Canadian Marco Marz features some catchy vocals and a drop that will have listeners shuffling all over bedrooms, dance floors or sidewalks. After catching fans a bit off guard with the first track, ZABO returns to his darker roots with “Bellow”. It will be interesting to see how the song sits with Ghetto Ghetto subscribers, as according to the SoundCloud description, “This won’t be the last dark mid-tempo track added to the label”. Could this be foreshadowing for another ZABO release? Only time will tell.

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