Alesso Drops Fortnite Inspired Song ‘Tilted Towers’


Alesso tilted towers

Alesso – Tilted Towers

Over the past two years, Fortnite has become a worldwide phenomenon drawing in millions of players a day. E-sports, sponsorships, and popular twitch streamers have been established within this short time frame. It’s not unusual to see DJs and celebrities post videos of gameplay on Instagram. One such DJ is Alesso and to show his support for this beloved game, dropped a Fortnite inspired song. Out on Astralwerks, the song is titled ‘Tilted Towers‘ and is also the name of a set of buildings inside the game.

‘Tilted Towers’ is an electro house track where the thumping bassline drives the song. Tension is built throughout the song from start to finish as extra layers of sound continue to pile up over each other. The overall style of the song reminds you of the old Alesso before his focus shifted more towards pop. One thing for certain is that this is a banger perfect to hype up crowds at the club. Check out the song below and enjoy!

Alesso – Tilted Towers