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FIFA World Tour Comes to Paris with DJ Snake & Neymar Jr.

The FIFA 19 World Tour is theĀ massive global event that brings together football (soccer) stars and musicians. Ten countries in ten weeks, it’s a celebration of the sport and why it’s so important to people.

Previously, they featured greats such as A$AP Rocky, Martin Garrix and Stormzy. This time around, they’ve got DJ Snake. He’s featured in a video with the footballer, Neymar Jr.

In their little video, the two are in Paris to talk about the sport. They are in Parc de Princes, the home of Paris St-Germain. It’s a very well-shot little video. Dynamic footage of the team, with their commentary, played over it. Even if you don’t like football or DJ Snake, it’s worth a watch just because of how cool it is.

There were some stand out moments. For example, DJ Snake reveals that growing up, he always wanted to play football, but wasn’t good enough. So he decided to make music instead. We can all be fortunate for his lack of sports skills, right?

They also talked about how important football is to children. About how anyone can play. You don’t need money, just a few friends and a ball. It was a really important message that encompassed the meaning of the entire tour.

It’ll be interesting to see where they go next.

Watch the full video below.

Matty Cline
Matty Cline
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