Insomniac Reveals New Electric Daisy Carnival in South Korea


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Just when you thought that the team behind one of the most iconic electronic dance music events in the world, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), couldn’t be any busier, Insomniac Events drops a bombshell that is guaranteed to keep their hands full starting in the new year.

Launching is 2019, Seoul, South Korea, will be the new destination for Pasquale Rotella‘s groundbreaking festival. It has been reported that there will be fresh twists to the beloved event, including a captivating virtual reality cafe, and of course, all of its fan-favorite carnival rides.

From what we have gathered, Asia is truly one of the most thrilling places to visit in the world, and the hardworking team behind the fest’ is taking matters into their own hands to ensure that EDC lives up to the booming economy.

Asia has been asking for a new festival for a while now, and we can’t think of a more perfect time for Rotella to give his fans what they want. That said, congrats on the big move! We look forward to seeing all of the amazing things that the team has in store next year.

“Right now, there’s an energy around dance music in South Korea that inspires us to bring EDC there,” We have a great venue, an amazing partner, and most importantly, a community that is embracing dance culture in an exciting way.” -Pasquale Rotella