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Knife Party Says New EP Is Coming “Within 3 Months”

Knife Party fans, get ready. In the latest episode of their “Knifecast” podcast, the duo announced that the new EP is indeed coming “Within 3 Months”. The EP was also mentioned in an AMA earlier this year by half of the pair, Rob Swire.

Knife Party previously teamed up with Pegboard Nerds to put out their immense collab Harpoon earlier this year. Fans have been waiting for a long time for a new EP from the duo since the teaser of new tunes. With their last EP being 2015’s house-centric Trigger Warning EP (yes, it’s really been that long!), many fans would certainly want a return to their dubstep roots and they may just be pleased with this one.

One of the IDs, dubbed ‘Lost Lands’, played in the first episode of their Knifecast podcast. It’s rumored to be on the upcoming EP and is a certified classic KP banger. Another rumored track is a super funky house anthem called ‘Ghost Town’, which debuted during their Ministry of Sound set.

I, for one, can’t wait for the new EP. Judging by all these new demos, we all should be super hyped for this. And let’s hope it’s not a sharp departure from their iconic sound and production value.

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