Man Who Used Raves To Sexually Abuse Minors Has Been Caught


christopher pulleyn

Canadian police have caught Christopher Pulleyn. He is the 43-year-old pedophile who was reportedly using raves to target young concertgoers. According to the Toronto Sun, he is accused of sexually abusing children over a period of several years.

Police arrested him back in November thanks to a search warrant from the Child Exploitation Section. Pulleyn’s first court date was December 6th. They charged him with multiple crimes. Two counts of sexual touching. Four counts of sexual assault. Four counts of sexual interference. As well as one count of making sexually explicit material available to a child. One count of making child pornography. And last but certainly not least, one count of making available child pornography.

He frequently attended raves and other EDM events. There, he allegedly preyed on young intoxicated fans. Canadian police believe that he sexually abused countless children from 2010-2013. There is no way to know how many victims he had.

Thankfully, at least one awful person is no longer able to hurt people. But he is certainly not the only one out there.

It’s very important to look out for each other out there. Especially our younger friends and fans. No one should be subjected to this sort of thing. If you see anything happen, or if you feel uncomfortable about a situation, let someone know.

Safety is important.