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The Netherlands’ New Music Dome Is The Venue Of Our Dreams

Three floors. Two stories of balconies. A state-of-the-art sound system. A 2500-capacity dancefloor. The Netherlands has truly built the venue of our dreams. It’s called The Music Dome. Built underneath Parkstad Limburg, a football stadium, this venue is amazing.

Constructed with guests in mind, the inspiration for everything was flexibility. With four distinct areas, guests will get a new experience every time. According to their website, “Everything is possible to create the right atmosphere.”

This is the place we’ve always dreamed of. It’s a whole world that’s been created for the perfect concert experience. Everyone deserves their own Dome. But until it happens in your country, consider booking a plane ticket to The Netherlands. They have at least six techno events planned for 2019.

If techno don’t work for you, The Dome is rentable for your own event or party. It will likely cost a fair amount – prices aren’t listed – but what’s a few thousand dollars for the event of a lifetime?


Matty Cline
Seattle-based writer and photographer. Met Porter Robinson once, and only cried a little.
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