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No Mana – In My Mind

No Mana – In My Mind

No Mana has released a new EP, Melted Candy. The standout song, ‘In My Mind’ was premiered via Mau5trap.

The sickeningly pink track is incredibly fun. It’s very danceable, and we can already imagine it being a hit when played live to a crowd. It has a fantastic beat that explodes into repetitive, but not boring lyrics. They’re catchy, and the song is fun to listen to. But there isn’t a whole lot of substance, at least not on the surface.

The song never goes over the edge of being too hard. It retains a sense of beauty and mysticism even as it gains a steadily harder and more forceful beat. The whole build-up of the song feels frantic, as if something is clawing its way out, seeking release. It isn’t until the end that it finally gets out.

“I’m feeling like you’re in my mind” is the main chant of the song. Perhaps it’s No Mana who is in our minds!

Listen to ‘In My Mind’ below, and be sure to check out the rest of Melted Candy.

No Mana – In My Mind

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