REZZ Drop Dark Single With Blanke ‘Mixed Signals’


REZZ - Mixed Signals

REZZ – Mixed Signals

REZZ is ending the year the way she started it, on a bang. The Ukrainian born producer has had an incredible year and is adding another hit to her long list of releases. In a collaboration with Blanke, ‘Mixed Signals’ is a fire track with those distinct sounds we love so much.

It begins with a typical eery REZZ opening that we are so accustomed to. You wouldn’t expect the song to go where it is about to lead. Maybe, REZZ is trying to give off “mixed signals.” See what I did there. Regardless, the track begins to accelerate to a new level. The drop captures you in her dark beats. Suddenly, you are once again hypnotized by her spiral-eyed goggles. And the song only gets better as the second drop might be better than the first.

REZZ has had an enormous year. She released a highly anticipated 2nd album ‘Certain Kind Of Magic.’ Each track brings you into a different part of her wicked world. Some of the best include ‘H E X’, ‘Toxin,‘ and ‘Witching Hour.’ It was enough to be ranked in our top albums of 2018.

You gotta check out her latest release that is pleasing Cult of REZZ fans around the world!