Above & Beyond Just Teased a Return to the Gorge


a&bAre Above & Beyond Returning to the Gorge Amphitheater?

Let’s get the rumors started! If there’s one thing legendary trance trio Above & Beyond know how to do, it’s generate excitement. Over the years, they’ve excelled at teasing big shows all over the world. With their loyal fan base always watching, A&B have stirred the pot yet again. Just moments ago, they posted a “gorgeous” photo of the Gorge Amphitheater on their Facebook page. Of course, this was the location of where ABGT 250 took place a little over a year ago. The post, although intended to create some nostalgia, had a rather interesting caption beneath it.

They asked a simple question: “What was your Gorge experience like? Would love to hear some stories”. But it was the sentence after that’s going to have people losing their minds.

“P.S. Some grist for the rumour mill! Keep July free ;)”

Um… excuse me? This is pretty cut and dry. Are Above & Beyond planning a triumphant return to one of the world’s most beautiful venues? During ABGT 250, they took over the Gorge with a stellar lineup. Fans from all over the world joined in to celebrate the milestone event, creating one of the most unique and refreshing festival environments this writer has ever experienced.

Only time will tell if the trance legends return to the Gorge. But clearly every A&B, and even Anjuna fan, should keep their July’s open. Something is coming.