Anjunadeep Announces ‘Explorations’ Destination Festival


anjunadeepOne of the most beloved deep labels has announced something rather massive. Today, Anjunadeep, Anjunabeats’ deep sublabel, announced a new destination festival called ‘Explorations’. The specific location is not yet known, but the festival will take place June 20th to the 25th. Unlike your traditional festival, Explorations will dive into six days of deep, melodic bliss.

As for the location of the festival, we’ll have to wait and see where specifically Anjunadeep decides to go. On the website, all that’s said is “A destination festival, somewhere in Europe”. There is a calming beach scene as the background, so one can only assume it will take place on a beautiful coastline.

Anjunadeep continues to impress with their wide range of music and artists. The A&R team scours the world far and wide to find the best in deep house, so one can only imagine the wide-range of artists that will partake in this event.

Let us know where you think Explorations will take place and who will be there! In the meantime, you can sign up for news updates here.