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ARTBAT Returns to Diynamic with EP ‘Upperground’

ARTBAT- Upperground EP

Nearly a year after their debut with DiynamicARTBAT returns to Solomun’s label to release their new EP, Upperground. This Ukranian duo has been gaining momentum since their first EP, Planeta, which held the number 1 spot in the Beatport Deep House charts for over a month.

‘Upperground’ is the house title and opening track. Light and upbeat, it emulates a similar style to Solomun’s more recent sets showcasing the inspiration on the duo. On the opposite end of the spectrum enters the next track, a techno thumper ‘Atlas’. In comparison to the first track, it takes a darker and grittier approach. ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ is the final track, made in collaboration with Italian producer and singer Dino Lenny. While Lenny lends his vocals, ARTBAT brings in an ethereal touch to the EP that really ties things together.

Appealing to both deep house and techno lovers, Upperground is something you can put on repeat the whole night with each track’s distinctive sound. Although their overall discography is limited, ARTBAT’s time spent in the studio always reflects quality. Released on January 4, 2019, their new EP is definitely a product that does not disappoint. Be sure to check it out below!

ARTBAT- Upperground EP

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