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Berghain Festivalgoers Disappointed with Fake “Ice” Skating Rink

Festivalgoers at the iconic CTM Festival in Berlin, Germany, have been rather vocal in regard to an ice rink at the venue. At first, the ice rink was offered to attendees as a chance to “practice your ice dancing skills to eclectic and free-­roaming DJ sets”. Skatebård, DJ Occult and Rabih Beaini are among the artists scheduled to play at the festival over the coming days. Unfortunately, the concept isn’t living up to its hype – mostly due to its design.

To many people’s disappointment, the ice rink was underwhelming and thought of as a cruel joke until they were reassured tat this was the only ice rink. Instead of a large, spacious rink, ticket holders described the rink as too small and cramped. Additionally, it was reported that the festival was running out of skates to rent. To make matters even worse, the “ice rink” was not even made out of real ice!

Yes, you read that correctly. The so-called “ice rink” is actually made from synthetic ice. If you’ve ever been on synthetic ice, you may consider defending those that are frustrated because it’s far from the real deal. CTM Festival confirmed on Facebook that the ice rink was, in fact, synthetic ice – but they did explain that they’ve alerted the supplier that “it does not work as it was advertised to us”.

While replacing the rink is out of the picture for this year, promoters have purchased more skates for people to use. We’re sure a little synthetic ice will not ruin the CTM Festival’s 20th anniversary but will act as a running joke in the future. CTM Festival runs through Sunday, February 3rd: Check out their official page for more info here.

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