Dash Berlin Teases First New Music Since Sutorius’ Departure


Dash Berlin is finally teasing new music , and it couldn’t have come sooner. This follows the media frenzy 6 months earlier when frontman Jeffrey Sutorius announced his irreconcilable departure. Of course, some may argue that while Sutorius was just the face and DJ of the group, remaining members, Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, were the true force of Dash as producers behind the scenes. Moving forward, the now duo will prove just that and showcase that they can still deliver music like they used to.

In a short teaser posted on Twitter, Dash reassured dedicated followers that the group is indeed going to move forward as a duo, just as initially promised. The video consists of a 30-second clip with an up-beat track in the background, just enough to get listeners excited for what is to come.

While this is simply just a teaser, there is no detail regarding when this music will actually drop. Whether it’s in the next month or two— we’ll be there. Stay tuned for more updates on Dash Berlin as more info is definitely coming! Check out the teaser below to get just as pumped as we are!